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It all started with 2 girls that wanted to make their dream come true – let’s turn something we love into our job!

We are passionate about style, and we believe that jewellery is the best part of it. We had many creative ideas and new designs in mind so we quickly realized that it’s something we wanted to share with the world as well. That’s how our simple idea eventually turned into Helios.

Bringing Helios to life, didn’t happen overnight. We put our love and effort into it for almost a year, but it has definitely been the most creative period of our lives and we could not be prouder!

The name Helios comes from an ancient Greek religion and myth and is the god and personification of the Sun. With Helios jewellery we want to bring the sun into your life and brighten up every moment of your day, all year long.

Our designs are inspired by our travels all over the world with a focus on the colours of the Mediterranean, where we are coming from. The collection consists of earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, and we are constantly working on more pieces to launch. Our high-quality pieces are either handpicked, handmade, or a combination of both, and we’ve made sure to focus on jewellery that fits everyday outfits and carries an element of elegance!

As for us, the people that are behind Helios, we are two friends, Eleni and Nikoletta, that love fashion, traveling, and what else? The sun! Together with our talented photographer Fanis we hope we can take you on this adventure with us!

We hope you enjoy our pieces, and we cannot wait to see your pictures. We would appreciate your support on our social media, where you can find the latest news on our launches and useful tips & tricks with our jewellery!

Eleni, Nikoletta and Fanis

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